Service with Integrity

Solariums, Conservatories, Sunrooms; they are sold under many different names by many different companies.  Some of these companies are still around, some are not.

Some of these companies had great carpenters but not so great glaziers.

We at have been in the glazing business for 25 years specializing in servicing sloped glazed systems.  We do not build new Solariums but have great relationships with people that do.

We are firm believers that these rooms live with the environment, and the environment continually changes to the detriment of these glazing systems.

We service many clients that have been orphaned from the original suppliers of their rooms and thought they had nowhere to turn. The rooms require a tradesman to have many defined skills to carry out the work to the quality expected. 

We provide carpentry,finished carpentry, caulking, metal work, and drywall and of course high end glazing.

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Andy Lansdown

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